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Visiting Scholar Program

Each year, the World Leisure Centre of Excellence provides the opportunity for visiting scholars to come to Vancouver Island University for a time of study and participation in the Master of Arts in Sustainable Leisure Management program. The World Leisure Centre of Excellence in Sustainability and Innovation invites scholars from around the world to connect with the Centre in a variety of ways:

Apply to be a visiting scholar. We support 4-6 scholars' travel and expenses annually to assist in teaching one of the graduate courses for a minimum two week period. While here visiting scholars also give a public lecture and engage in a variety of ways with VIU faculty, students and industry practitioners

For more information on our past visiting scholars see: 
²  Dr. Bob Payne
The 2013-14 visiting scholars include: 
²  Dr. Neil Carr

Skype in and give a lecture to our Masters students so we can become familiar with you, your research interests or projects

Assist as a co-supervisor for one of our Masters students, be an external for the thesis, or host one of them on their internship placement

Collaborate on the development of a field study project in your country or in Canada

Collaborate on the development of research projects

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