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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Call for Proposals: 2017 Second International Conference on Tourism & Leisure Studie

Notice: This event is hosted by University of British Columbia, NOT VIU.

About the 2017 Second International Conference on Tourism & Leisure Studies

  • 6-7 April 2017
  • University of British Columbia, Robson Square, Vancouver, Canada
The Second International Conference on Tourism & Leisure Studiesprogram groups together presentations along similar themes to facilitate knowledge sharing and community building. The first schedule of sessions will be available the complete picture of the conference is present. In the meantime, you may view a list of all accepted proposals (both confirmed to attend and still pending registration) on theList of Accepted Proposals page.
They invite proposals for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions, posters/exhibits, or colloquia addressing one of the following themes:
  • Theme 1: Changing Dimensions of Contemporary Tourism
  • Theme 2: Changing Dimensions of Contemporary Leisure
  • Theme 3: Tourism and Leisure Industries
  • Theme 4: Critical Issues in Tourism and Leisure Studies

Become a Presenter

1 Submit a Proposal

If you would like to present, start by submitting a proposal. You will need the following: presentation type, short/long descriptions, keywords, focus, themes, and biographical information.

2 Review Timeline

After they receive the presentation proposal, it moves to the evaluation step. They welcome the submission of proposals at any time of the year. All proposals will be reviewed within two to four weeks of submission.

3 Register

Once your proposal is accepted, you must register before their Program Development team can schedule your presentation.

Important Dates

Proposal Deadlines

Advance Proposal Deadline

6 June 2016
Early Proposal Deadline

6 September 2016
Regular Proposal Deadline

6 January 2017
Late Proposal Deadline

6 March 2017

Registration Deadlines

Advance Registration Deadline

6 July 2016
Early Registration Deadline

6 November 2016
Regular Registration Deadline

6 April 2017

For more information please visit:
To submit the proposal, please visit the link:

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