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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

World VIUPoints Speaker Series: Kudoz

Kudoz is a learning platform filled with 100's of splendid experiences that are designed to bring delight and novelty into the everyday lives of adults living with a cognitive disability.  Through a one hour experience, adults with a cognitive disability get the opportunity to try something new.  Anything from podcasting to arm knitting to kick-boxing to recording a new song.  All of these experiences are hosted by passionate locals that are looking for a way to engage and broaden their networks.  Kudoz is not just about gaining new skills, but also about learning about yourself.  It's about growing a sense of self, confidence, and discovering new parts of you while leveraging strengths and a growing network.  It's also about embodying a growth mindset - the idea that the mind can grow and stretch at any age no matter what ability!  Join us in learning about the role of social innovation and human centre design as a way to meeting the social and personal needs of adults living with cognitive disabilities.  

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